To our beloved BB community,

We are in a new chapter of our business and are focused full-time on pantry goods. While we miss seeing your smiling faces at pop-ups, we are thrilled to build a sustainable path forward, sharing our creations with the world beyond our driveway. Help keep our love letter to Bali alive by enjoying our Sambal Goreng!

Thank you for these three years of kindness and love.

Here's to many more.

Matur suksma,
Celene & Tara


From a driveway pop-up to the LA Times 101 Best Restaurants, Bungkus Bagus has been driven by a longing to share the food of our childhood overseas. For us, there’s a singular joy in savoring warm rice, salty fish and a spoonful of sambal on the steps of our dad’s carving shop in Ubud. We’ve dreamt of a bridge between our two worlds, a way to bottle that bliss. Through our pop-ups and products, we've made that vision a reality. We hope you enjoy our love letter to Bali, to the people and place that shaped us.

What's With the Name?

Bungkus (boong-koos) = "wrap/package/to-go"
(bah-goose) = "good"

We make delicious Indonesian goodies that come in beautiful packages.


Nasi Bungkus, or "rice to-go," is a classic Indonesian lunch (and our personal favorite comfort meal). Here are the nine dishes wrapped inside our signature banana leaf bundle.

  • Nasi Putih

    Fragrant steamed rice made with coconut milk, lemongrass, pandan and galangal

  • Kari Ayam

    Tender coconut chicken curry, simmered for four hours

  • Tempe Orek

    Fried soy bean cake in a sweet and spicy glaze

  • Sayur Urab

    Long beans and bean sprouts with toasted coconut and kencur

  • Mother-in-Law Egg

    Hard-boiled egg marinated in tamari and topped with chili paste

  • Sambal Goreng

    A taste of our addicting, all-purpose fried shallot, garlic and chili topping

  • Kacang Bali

    Bali-style salted peanuts

  • Abon Babi

    Traditional dried pork garnish

  • Serundeng

    Seasoned, toasted coconut

Desserts & Sides

  • Kueh Lapis

    Bouncy rainbow rice layer cakes - peel the layers! (pictured above)

  • Bubur Ketan Hitam

    Black “forbidden” rice porridge with sweet & salty coconut milk

  • Sambal Goreng

    A 4 oz jar of our addicting, all-purpose fried shallot, garlic and chili topping

  • Es Cendol

    A drinkable dessert with coconut milk, palm sugar syrup, pandan jellies, red bean and jackfruit

  • Krupuk Tempe Chips

    Crunchy, airy chips with bits of soybean. Strangely satisfying!

  • Teh Manis

    Sweetened jasmine tea, served chilled