Pop-Up Info & Ordering


From a driveway pop-up to the LA Times 101 Best Restaurants, Bungkus Bagus has been driven by a longing to share the food of our childhood overseas. For us, there’s a singular joy in savoring warm rice, salty fish and a spoonful of sambal on the steps of our dad’s carving shop in Ubud. We’ve dreamt of a bridge between our two worlds, a way to bottle that bliss. Through our pop-ups and products, we've made that vision a reality. We hope you enjoy our love letter to Bali, to the people and place that shaped us. 

Terima kasih dan ayo makan!

— Celene & Tara Carrara

How do pop-ups work?

During a pop-up week, pre-order opens on Monday at 6 PM and closes Thursday or until we sell out. You’ll place an order for your food, then come pick it up anytime between 4:30 - 6:30 PM on Friday or Saturday. Our Glendale address will be shared in your confirmation email.

What's With the Name?

Bungkus (boong-koos) = "wrap/package/to-go"
(bah-goose) = "good"

We make delicious Indonesian goodies that come in beautiful packages.


Nasi Bungkus, or "rice to-go," is a classic Indonesian lunch (and our personal favorite comfort meal). Here are the nine dishes wrapped inside our signature banana leaf bundle.

  • Nasi Putih

    Fragrant steamed rice made with coconut milk, lemongrass, pandan and galangal

  • Kari Ayam

    Tender coconut chicken curry, simmered for four hours

  • Tempe Orek

    Fried soy bean cake in a sweet and spicy glaze

  • Sayur Urab

    Long beans and bean sprouts with toasted coconut and kencur

  • Mother-in-Law Egg

    Hard-boiled egg marinated in tamari and topped with chili paste

  • Sambal Goreng

    A taste of our addicting, all-purpose fried shallot, garlic and chili topping

  • Kacang Bali

    Bali-style salted peanuts

  • Abon Babi

    Traditional dried pork garnish

  • Serundeng

    Seasoned, toasted coconut

Desserts & Sides

  • Kueh Lapis

    Bouncy rainbow rice layer cakes - peel the layers! (pictured above)

  • Bubur Ketan Hitam

    Black “forbidden” rice porridge with sweet & salty coconut milk

  • Sambal Goreng

    A 4 oz jar of our addicting, all-purpose fried shallot, garlic and chili topping

  • Es Cendol

    A drinkable dessert with coconut milk, palm sugar syrup, pandan jellies, red bean and jackfruit

  • Krupuk Tempe Chips

    Crunchy, airy chips with bits of soybean. Strangely satisfying!

  • Teh Manis

    Sweetened jasmine tea, served chilled

Allergy Info & Modifications

You can request your Nasi Bungkus to be vegan or vegetarian (we’ll sub in our jackfruit curry), gluten-free, without Sambal Goreng (less spicy), without pork, and/or without peanuts. Everything else on our menu is gluten-free and dairy-free as-is.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate soy allergies.